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Dentistry in Orange, California

Restorative Dentistry and Replacement Teeth

Oral health affects overall wellbeing. Dental decay, disease, and damage are smile-stealers that diminish confidence and jeopardize quality of life. As a skilled general and Bioesthetic dentist, Dr. Turk offers a variety of restorative therapies and replacement teeth to beautifully rejuvenate smiles. From fillings to full-mouth reconstruction, which is also known as full-mouth restoration or rejuventation, you can rely on Dr. Turk's skill and experience to deliver a strong, healthy mouth!

We offer tooth-colored restorations to return form, function, oral longevity, and beauty to compromised dentition. If you have an irreparably damaged tooth, Dr. Turk may recommend a root canal as a conservative treatment to eliminate the need for extraction. Our replacement teeth include durable, natural-looking crown and bridgework, dentures and partials, and dental implants. Smiles in need of extensive care may benefit from full-mouth reconstruction, a comprehensive plan to restore an entire smile - including teeth, gums, jaws, and bite. Don't let dental anxiety keep you from getting the care you need. Dr. Turk uses conscious sedation to calm nerves and alleviate fear.

Review our restorative therapies and replacement teeth options, and then call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Turk. Distinctive smiles offers quality care and exceptional service to residents of Orange and surrounding areas.

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