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TMJ Therapy

If your jaw clicks when you talk or eat, or if you experience unexplained pain in your head, neck, shoulder, jaw, or face, you may have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Dr. Turk offers non-surgical therapies to relieve TMJ discomfort and prevent further complications.

Two small joints, the TMJs, in front of your ears are responsible for the smooth motion of your jaw. When they become irritated by stress, trauma, a misaligned bite, or a host of other factors, pain and swelling can occur. Dr. Turk will perform a comprehensive exam to determine the source of your discomfort and may suggest a custom-fitted nightguard to relieve stressed jaw muscles. If your TMJ pain is caused by a misaligned bite, Dr. Turk can restore proper alignment to alleviate distress. As a Bioesthetic dentist, he treats the underlying causes of TMJ disorder, not just the symptoms, to ensure optimal wellbeing.

Call today to schedule your TMJ assessment with Dr. Turk. Distinctive Smiles provides quality care and exceptional service to residents of Orange and surrounding areas.

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